How to Get Free Deals at Target with CouponMom – Target Coupons

How to Get Free Deals at Target with CouponMom – Target Coupons

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Hi. I’m Stephanie Nelson, founder of Today, I want to teach you how to save a lot of money at Target. We have a Target deals list at that lists hundreds of deals every week. Every week there’s a target sales ad that changes prices, that changes on Sunday. We update our list with hundreds of items from the ad and then on Mondays, we go into target stores and we find a whole lot of unadvertised sale prices to make it easy for you to find deals.
Target accepts manufacturers coupons. However, they don’t double them. They do accept coupons printed from the internet, and they do accepts store coupons and the manufacturers coupon on the same item which is a great way to get good deals. You can find Target store coupons at You can print them, they’re updated every week. You can also find Target store coupons in the Sunday circular. They look like manufacturers coupons but they have a target logo, so it’s actually a store coupon. You can use this with the manufacturers coupon for the same item. Watch your registered receipts because Target will give you store coupons right with the receipt.
Target also has great gift card promotions. When you buy selected items, you’ll get a Target gift card for your next purchase. When you combine those promotions with coupons, you can get some great deals. Target also has mobile coupons. They can be texted to your phone. Go to and look for mobile text alerts and sign up for that. You’ll get those every week. They also have a price matching policy, where they’ll match competitors prices at their lower. I’ll show you how to use our Target price matching tool later in this video. They also have a great clearance section, so you want to make sure to look for clearance items and if you have a coupon that matches a clearance item, you might get that absolutely free.
I’m going to show you some examples of how I combine this strategies to get great deals of Target. First of all, this shampoo, this Suave shampoo is usually about $5, but it was on sale for $3.50. There’s a gift card promotion that gives you a $5 Target gift card when you buy four of these items. I also had a manufacturers coupon buy one get one free, and because I need to get four items to get the gift card, I need to use two buy one get one free coupons and then had a printable store coupon for a dollar off. Again, I could print two of those. By using the buy one get one free coupon and the Target store coupon, these four items cost me $5 at the register. I told you I get a $5 gift card when I buy this, so essentially my net cost for all four of these items is absolutely free. That would have been $20 at full price, now I’m getting four items free. Understand why I like to shop at Target?
Let me show you another deal. This vitamins $3.99 a piece, again, there is a Target gift card promotions that gives you a $5 gift card when you buy three of these vitamins. There’s also a $2 printable coupon. I printed three of those coupons to buy these vitamins. After the coupons, I’m paying $6 for these vitamins, after the $5 Target gift card my net cost is only $1 for 3 bottles of vitamins about 33 cents a piece. Again, the full price was $4. I’m saving about 88% on this item. Finally, I checked out the clearance section. This $4 hair color was on sale $4.48. I had a $1 coupon, I had two of them, so I got two, so I’m paying 48 cents for an item that’s usually $4. It’s not hard if you know how to use target strategies to get good deals on all kinds of items.
Let me show you how to use the price matcher tool. When you’re ready to do your shopping at Target, come to and look for the Target logo on the homepage. Click on that and it will take you to our Target section. This is where you’ll find the weekly deals list. I’m going to show you how to use the Target price matcher tool. Just click on the button and it’ll show a list of states, select your state and it’ll show you a list of all the stores that we have listed on the website. To create your price matching list, simply enter the name of the item in the search box and it’ll search the best prices for all of these stores. Do that for all the items that you need to create your own custom price matching list. It’ll show you the lowest prices for everything you need grouped by store. Just get the flyers for these stores and you can see the price to be matched which you can show the cashier at Target, so that you can get the lowest prices for all the items you need in one place.
Now that you know how all of Targets strategies and promotions work together to get free deals, come to CouponMom.dom every week and we’ll tell you what the best deals are in your store.

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