Coupon Mom Teaches How to Get Free Groceries – Save Money & Get Free Deals

Coupon Mom Teaches How to Get Free Groceries – Save Money & Get Free Deals

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I’m Stephanie Nelson, founder of When you know how all of your grocery store savings programs work, it’s really fun to combine them all and get free groceries.

Today, I’m going to teach you how to get the best deals at your grocery store and how to use to make it easy to do that. Before coupons and sales and promotions, all of these groceries would have cost $56, but after all of my deals, I only paid $7.30. That’s a savings of 87%. Let me show you how I did it.

First, you really want to know how your store savings programs work, so do a little bit of homework. Go to your store’s website, look for a section that says save or coupons, find out if they have any special programs. You might ask your store manager or the cashier how their policies work. Go to the customer service counter and see if they have any brochures or coupon booklets that talk about special programs that your store has.

Most stores now have a loyalty card, so be sure to get the loyalty card and then go online and register it. You want to make sure that you give them your email address and your mailing address because they’re probably going to email you coupons and mail you special store coupons, so you can save more money.

You also want to find out if they have any special promotions. You want to find out how their coupon policy works. You want to find out how their buy one, get one free deals work. Some stores will charge half price for each item on a buy one, get one free deal, which means you can use two coupons, but if they charge full price for the first item and free for the second item, you’ll only be able to use one coupon. If you can find out how that works, you might be able to use twice as many coupons and save more.

You also want to make sure that you find out if they double or triple coupons, and sometimes they’ll have a special promotion once a month where they triple coupons, and in that case, you can get a lot of shopping done that week.

I’ll give you some examples here of how I combined these types of programs to get free deals very specifically. At my store this week, they had a special promotion. They gave you $5 off when you buy five participating items, and there were several items that were included. It’s important to know that you could buy more than five. In fact, I bought 20 items and got $20 off, simply because I asked do you have a limit on this promotion, and the answer was no.

When I came down to the specific items, this Baileys Coffee Creamer was on sale for $1.99. Now, I had a $1 coupon which brought the price down to 99 cents. With the store promotion, I get a dollar off per item. That made it absolutely free.

The shave gel was $2.47. I had a $1 coupon, brought it down to a $1.47. With the store promotion, took off another dollar. I paid 47 cents for that.

This mustard sauce was actually $1.99. I had a 50 cent coupon that the store doubled. That made it 99 cents, and with the promotion, it was free as well.
The yogurt at $1.99. I had a 50 cent coupon that the store doubled. Brought it down to 99 cents, and then with the promotion, it took off a dollar. I got it absolutely free.

These frozen vegetables are usually $2. They weren’t part of the promotion, but because they were on sale for a dollar and I had a coupon for 50 cents off two that the store doubled, I only paid 50 cents a bag and that’s a 75% savings.

I stocked up on items. You’ll also notice that I got more than one of the same item, because I buy four copies of the newspaper to make sure you have multiple coupons. If you find out from your store what their coupon limits are, I learned that my store will allow me to use four identical coupons per order, so I could use four of each and stock up. Ask your store what their coupon limits are to make sure you maximize your savings.

Another common promotion that grocery stores have is to give you a bonus free item when you buy a certain number of participating items. For example, my store had a deal that if I bought four boxes of cereal I got a free gallon of milk. Now, the cereal is usually $4 a box. It was on sale for 2.50. Because I had to buy four boxes, I used two coupons for a dollar off two, which brought the price of the cereal down to $2 a box and then I got the free milk, so in other words I got $20 worth of groceries for only $8 by taking advantage of a promotion, doing my homework, looking at the ad and finding out what the deal was before I went to the store.

When you’re ready to make your grocery list, come to and click on Grocery Deals by State. Find your state and you’ll see all the store list that are available to you. We have list for 48 grocery stores and 12 national stores for a total of 60 store chains.

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