Who Invented Coupons?

Who invented coupons? We all know that we have them at stores like Publix and Kroger, but who thought it would be a good idea to give coupons away?

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Are you familiar with the car owner’s group? Do you think that they are promoting more car owners to buy more vehicles and drive them? The name of the group is CARFAX.

What is the group doing for car owners? That is to teach them the value of keeping their car clean and running efficiently. This group wants to keep our planet earth healthy by being better drivers and using less gas.

The United States has some of the highest gasoline prices in the world. It is much cheaper in Canada to get gas because we have more oil on the planet. The cheaper gas makes the cost of driving much higher.

In an effort to reduce our dependency on foreign oil, the government gave up a lot of tax dollars to the car owners group to help control our gas prices. There is now an organization called “petroleum alliance” or PetroAAListory to keep us aware of the rising costs of gasoline.

The high price of gas is one reason that more people are buying used cars. If there is a better way to save money then more people will be buying the cars that are less than five years old and less than ten thousand miles on them. Used cars are much cheaper than new ones.

Your gas mileage is an indication of how efficient your car is running. Owning a new car is not necessarily a good thing if your gas mileage is high. Owners of new cars are not interested in saving the planet, so the only thing they care about is the price of the new car.

Who invented coupons? When you buy a new car that cost more than you need to buy the exact same car with coupons. Then you can pay the full retail price for a new car.

It would be a good idea if you had two cars; one for your family and one for yourself. If you can drive each car when it needs fuel, then you will not need the other car. Then you can drive less than you need to.

The car owner’s group is an organization that makes everyone aware of the cost of gas and what they can do to control the costs. In an effort to help all drivers to stay away from the gas pumps and purchase less gas than they need. They have created the PetroAlmanac and the petoacalypse.com websites.

The petroalliance gets an air strike from the major auto companies because they are not helping to build newer cars. A new car is a lot more expensive than an older model. With a newer car you will save money in gas bills and you will not have to worry about making payment for a new car that will be sold within three years.

The invention of coupons has been around for decades. As long as people have wanted to purchase an item in exchange for an additional value, coupons have been around. Car owners are now taking advantage of coupons.