What Stores Allow Extreme Couponing?

What stores allow extreme couponing? If you have ever seen one of those “extreme” TV shows about stores and all the deals that can be had, you will know how close those deals can be.

It is not hard to find stores that allow extreme couponing. The secret is to know where to look and what to do before going into a store. In other words, don’t be fooled by all the talk of deals.

First, let’s get one thing straight about extreme couponing. There are stores that sell coupons, but not necessarily for groceries. These stores include clothing stores, discount retailers, electronics stores, department stores, drug stores, and even sometimes department chains like Kroger.

Stores that offer extreme couponing are also not necessarily for discount. They also could be for food. Some of the grocery stores that specialize in “extreme” can be found in large cities and even small towns.

What does all this mean for someone who wants to find out what stores allow extreme couponing? The answer is easy: Do a little homework. Look at the website for the store and read the forums and news articles. Read the information on their coupons.

If the store allows extreme couponing, look for the best coupons online and print them out. You might want to use a spreadsheet program to enter in all the coupons you are interested in and then calculate the price per item.

What you will find is that these stores offer an abundance of coupons that range from special prices on soft drinks to even “free” vacations. This can be a great way to save money, but always remember to check out the details of the coupons.

Do you need to know more about stores that allow extreme couponing? Well, it might not be so hard to find, especially since so many stores have websites and one of those is always a good place to start.

Next, you might want to talk to the store manager. Sometimes these stores don’t mind talking about their coupons and have a wide variety of them available to purchase. If they won’t give you a list, then you will need to go online and find some.

You should make sure you choose a store that has coupons for your needs and don’t be afraid to shop around. Some stores may be just in the area and aren’t as advertised as the chains so you might have to travel or go to a different store to find these coupons.

When it’s time to really take advantage of the deals you have found, ask the store manager to email you for a coupon. This will help you save even more money and with all the coupon sites available today, there is no reason to let something go when you have a chance to get it now.

So, what stores allow extreme couponing? Well, it all depends on which store you find yourself in and what deals you can find.