Does Wal-Mart Does Double Coupons?

I’ve been in the market for a new pair of shoes, and it was time to check out my local Wal-Mart. It turns out that they do not carry any shoes at all.

hjyd5cX Does Wal-Mart Does Double Coupons?

I thought I would try on some sneakers – just as a way to see if I would like them. My local Wal-Mart in Orlando had a number of different types of sneakers on sale. And, I thought I would do a quick test run to see if they would double the price of whatever I was buying.

There are certain kinds of shoes that the store does not carry. I was prepared to buy some discounted sneaker boots, and I had found a pair that I liked. The prices on these sneaker boots were on sale, but when I went to check out the shoes in Wal-Mart I found out that they did not carry them.

I know that I’m not a long distance shopper. I live in Southern California, and most of my friends live in other states, or Europe. It seems strange that the store could not find the sneakers I wanted in the store!

I looked at the shoes one more time. Then I went to get some coffee. That was the last time I went into the store. I cannot imagine walking all the way from Orange County to Orlando just to find out that they don’t carry the sneakers I wanted.

So, does Wal-Mart do double coupons? The answer is that they probably do, but you have to look for them. And, they may be different than the ones that I am looking for.

In many cases, the prices of a shoe may not change, but the value of the shoes will change by as much as a few percent. You have to be able to find the coupon to take advantage of the reduced price.

When I went to look at shoes in Wal-Mart recently, I was not sure what the store would have. Then I figured out that Wal-Mart is a bargain place where you can get the low prices.

I used a discount code to save a couple of dollars, but it still wasn’t a good deal. The shoes were cheaper, but the discounted price only lasted for a day. The savings I made were due to the discount code.

While discount stores aren’t necessarily known for giving out the best deals, I do think that some of them have special coupons for no-frills stores. These stores don’t have the professional staffs or bigger, name brands. And, many of these discount stores have more inventory than stores like Wal-Mart do.

I know that I would have done well in a no-frills store like Wal-Mart, if I had taken the time to find a pair of sneakers I liked and then checked out the price. The shoes looked good, and the price on them looked cheap. It turned out to be a smart decision.