Discovering What Stores Allow Double Coupons

Discovering what stores allow double coupons can be a little more complicated than most people may think. The process is made easier by the experts at, who not only provide store information to their readers, but will also give you the results of a product review they did on your grocery store, as well.

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Consumerist conducts extensive research on a wide variety of products and has compiled a list of grocery stores that offer a variety of deals. They found that many stores offer more than one type of coupon, for instance grocery stores that carry “discount” products, will offer them in a different way than others. In this case, a store may offer “doubles” for some kinds of goods, while allowing the general coupon price.

Some stores will also have different types of coupons for each item, including “doubles” for certain items that other stores do not offer. Find out what grocery stores allow double coupons and whether or not you are able to use them.

For instance, the Food Emporium in New York offers groceries “with no minimum purchase”no minimum dollar amount”. But, the prices of the different grocery items were higher than the prices of the same items at the Kroger store down the street. If you had purchased one of the same things at the Food Emporium, you would not be able to use the coupon on the Kroger products, because it was not for those items.

It is important to read the guidelines for using coupons at the grocery store, especially when the product is brand new. Coupons are best used at stores that offer it first or offer a great deal on it.

Coupon “freebies” are usually not available online, unless you are ordering a particular item. If the item is unavailable online, you may be able to find an outlet that sells the item, but you won’t be able to receive the coupon.

Many times, coupons are available for popular foods but can be hard to find for clothing, even when you can use them. Often, the larger discount store chains will not carry these items. You can still find them if you go down to the neighborhood grocery store, or perhaps the smaller convenience store, which usually has more inventory.

Keep in mind that many coupon offers are not available all the time. You should always check with the store ahead of time before making a purchase.

Often, the “penny pinchers” buy items in bulk, then keep a few in case of coupons. That way, when they do get the coupons, they have the money to spend on the item, instead of paying the full price.

Online stores such as Amazon or Walmart can often give you a coupon without ever physically contacting the store. This often happens if you find a brand new product and don’t know what it costs at the store.

With the competition between the online stores, it is usually the one that offers the best deals, that you use to your advantage. You are likely to find coupons to the retailer’s store before you find them online.

So, if you do have a coupon that you are thinking about using, try to find the online store that offers the same product. You will save time by doing this, and there will be a better chance of finding the same or better price.